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Laundry Pods Duo Pack - Blue Ocean + Pink Sakura | 20 pods

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RM18.00 MYR
    Laundry Pods Duo Pack - Blue Ocean + Pink Sakura | 20 pods
    Laundry Pods Duo Pack - Blue Ocean + Pink Sakura | 20 pods
    Laundry Pods Duo Pack - Blue Ocean + Pink Sakura | 20 pods

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    New Way of Doing Your Laundry

    This all-in-one powerhouse helps remove odors and stubborn stains, keeps your clothes smelling fresh. It's our go-to detergent for handling stains and stink. Take that, Nasi Lemak.

    Our Impact

    Quality Assured

    Our products are made efficient and effective by integrating the latest organic enzyme and plant based surfactant into highly concentrated cleaning formulas.

    Trusted by thousands of users and counting...

    What's more?

    • Environmental-friendly

      100% Non-plastic Packaging

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      100% Recyclable Material

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    What's in the Pod?

    Paraben-Free. Phosphate-Free. Phthalates-Free. No Optical Brightener. No Dyes.

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    This is the photo...

    that make us think... Is there anywhere to reduce the wastage? When we clean ourselves, but the planet is hurting, is this the suppose consequent?

    And that inspired us with this idea, plastic-free packaging Laundry Detergent.

    We proudly stand as Malaysia's first plastic-waste free detergent brand, leading the charge in eco-conscious cleaning solutions.